Life is easy and sweet when you’re up on the mountain. You’re on top of things. Merry making is the order of each day and party mood is always in the air. You’ve got good health and peace of mind. Life is generally at its best. God is forgotten. He is pushed to spectate from backbench terraces.
Wait til you’re down in the valley when everything seems to be tumbling down on you. Your fellow party animals are nowhere within range. Your health is taking you down so fast. Life is generally heading south. Or so it seems. Thats when you remember God.

VERDICT: The message we’re sending to God is that You ought to perpetually keep us in the valley for You to make sense to us always.

PRESCRIPTION: Pause your party midway and say thanks to God. He is God up in the mountain and also God down in the valley. He is God during bad times and God during good times. He remains God during the day and at night. The God during your new low is the same God when life is at its zenith.


Coitus. You don’t risk everything just to have it.
The kind of sex I’m handling here is the illegit
one. You know guys have never understood that
your loins are there to be driven by your brains.
You don’t suspend everything else you are doing
every other time you get a boner. Collect yourself
and tell your prick it isn’t gonna happen. Do you
know why we are referred to as rational beings?
Coz we can reason. If you are pressed and
there’s no lavatory within range, I’m sure you’ll
postpone it til such a time when the facility is
conveniently available. It is not the case for an
irrational animal, let’s say a cow. A cow will
release the dung almost simultaneously with
occurrence of such a feeling. Any time a cock
feels like mating with a hen it is right there and
then irrespective of the embarrassments. But
humans don’t do that. They are rational beings.
Some of you are so poor in managing their
hunger that they unleash their dragons on maids,
cousins or anything available. Who does that?
Sexual arousal happens every other time
anywhere to everyone. It’s happening now to me
even as I type this. That’s not a big deal. In any
case it’s an indicator that you’re normal.
Honouring it is where the problem lies. The other
day I was seated next to some lady in a mat who
thought she needed to seduce me. She kept on
swiping her cushion-like thighs against mine
back and forth repeatedly. Nlivumilia throughout
the journey and when I arrived at the destination,
like a gentleman, I alighted avoiding her eyes
plus making sure my bulge wasn’t conspicuously
visible. Sexual intercourse is like a blood
donation. Some guys have sex at close intervals
of two days. Before they recover from the
previous one they have landed on another one
with a different girl. Do you know the extent of
damage you’re doing to yourself? And you barely
18 yrs. At that rate will you survive beyond
35yrs? Don’t lie to yourself even married people
have a plan on how to have sex, some even once
every week. It is not daily the way you
erroneously imagine. No woman will make do
with being ‘climbed on’ on daily basis. You’l also
need that arousal discipline when you get a wife.
Your wife after some time will turn tasteless
while your maid will look deliciously yummy. So
if you’ve been the type who take instructions
obediently from your D then you won’t blink
twice before devouring that girl. Like I’ve said
sex is akin to blood donation. Is it possible to
donate blood daily? Separating the Magdeburg
hemisphere wasn’t successful even after using
sixteen horses pulling in opposite direction.
Studies show that if two pairs of humans having
sex were chained to the hemisphere and made
to pull oppositely, the results could be shocking.
You can imagine the sacrifice the body has to
make to produce such a gigantic energy. This
means having sex is equivalent to donating blood
simultaneously with pulling apart Magdeburg
hemisphere! That’s the kind of damage you’re
doing to yourself and by the age of 35 when you
ought to be having legit sex for reproduction
you’ll be a worn out horse. Grade 1 sperm cells
good for fertilization will have been flushed down
the sewer and what remains are tired shells not
fit for reproduction. Besides be informed excess
coitus accelerates aging esp if one is a minor.
Vladmir Putin looks exactly the same in 1920
and now coz he makes love once every year.
Prescription to you guys; Do not have sex unless
it’s between life and death til you get a licence
to do so.

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Its has been long since i shared something. Lemmi type something small.. In my life(this phrase is mostly used by legends, 60 years plus.. Haha si ety nimezeeka sana),
Lemmi start a fresh, in the past 20 years (almost), there have been people that I was convinced would be around forever, and yet, somehow in some mysterious ways they managed to drift away after a couple of years and some months. (someone called this nature, i really doubt him:-) )
Likewise there have been people
who begun as casual acquaintances but they are
becoming more important with each passing day. (Make sure you check your dictionary twice for that meaning)
I’m surprised to deal with people whom I met online from this social media platforms, you know, WhatsApp, Instagram(oops don’t forget to follow @poll_brown or else…… ) , Twitter, Facebook name them, and I think if I’ve learned something about
friendship, it’s to
hang in there,
stay connected,
fight for them
without expecting anything back,
and let them fight for you.
Don’t walk away,
don’t be distracted,
don’t be too busy or tired,
don’t take them for granted.
Remember that Friends are part of the glue that holds life and faith together. Friends are Family.
As I said i don’t have much to say, just testing if i can still make some grammatically correct sentences.
Haha thanks for reading. I’ll be back soon.

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October is here, flush with falling leaves, chilling weather, and growing anticipation for the holiday season. The tenth month by our Gregorian calendar, October shares a root with octopus andoctothorpe—the Latin octo-, meaning “eight.” In the Roman calendar, which had only ten months, October was month eight, as January and February hadn’t yet been added to the calendar. Like its neighboring months September,November, and December, its numerical name stuck; even after Julius Caesar expanded the calendar year from ten months to twelve. October entered Old English via Old French, replacing the English vernacular term Winterfylleð.

Children may look forward to October for Halloween, which falls at the month’s close, but beer-lovers may be more excited for what awaits them at the beginning of the month—Oktoberfest. This long-standing beer festival has gained popularity around the world, but the true Oktoberfest is located in Munich, Germany, where the festival has been held since 1810. The Oktoberfest celebration marks the beginning of a new beer-brewing season. Historically, October through March are the optimal beer-brewing months because the colder weather keeps the beer from spoiling. It has long been a tradition to polish off the remaining beer from the year to prepare the casks for a new brew in October. Although the seasonal climate is less relevant to breweries today, the beer festival of Oktoberfest remains a vibrant tradition.

Today the majority of Munich’s Oktoberfest actually takes place in late September, but this is perfectly acceptable logic considering that the root of our tenth month’s name means “eight”

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Do you know the background of Kenyatta
University grammar goof (misspelling the word
‘privilege’ on a giant billboard along Thika
Highway) during POTUS visit?
Here we go…
Let’s wind back the hands of time to that
moment you’ve just completed KCSE Eng P 3.
You fool yourself ati “ii ngoso ya ujinga imedy, fuck high school

Yeah you heard
me right. Some stoop so low beyond their level
to speak in vernacular. Trust me this not one of
those FM schools dotted all over the country.
This is a student from a prestigious leading
learning facility. The author of that KU grammar
misdemeanour is a product of such. They make
awfully skewed conclusions that we teach
English exclusively for examination purposes.
That, as long as you’ve garnered that A grade in
English you’ve got every right and reason to
sodomise the Queen’s royal language whenever
wherever you want. That, as long as it has
bridged you to pursue that career in medicine
then it’s over. Some have transcripts reading
straight As in English yet they’re short of using
non verbal cues to communicate. How that
miracle happened is a subject of another forum.
Get it from me for free today. Whoever decided
that communication skills is a common unit in
campus wasn’t a retard neither was (s)he under
the influence of some rare plant species. As a
scholar(graduate) there’s that minimum
threshold of English you ought to grasp
irrespective of what course you’re pursuing>>>
Equity bank is pronounced as /ekwiti/ /benk/
Don’t misspell common words like possess,
privilege, professor, roommate, pronunciation etc.
Introduce yourself as “My name is Paul Brown ”
for instance.

Guys tuache aibu ndogo ndogo.

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