I had to share this.. 

Our Generation

“Our generation is so obsessed with the idea of perfection

Society has consumed us with the thought of how we are meant to be

At first it was skinny

Now it is thick

What’s next?

We are influenced by terms that are not even real words

Such as







We look up to celebrities who are addicted to fame, drugs and money

They taught us quotes such as “Yolo” and “Turn down for what”

Lyrics have become angrier, raunchier, and discriminating

Is this really role model criteria?

All I see in college  and high school is a bunch of people who hate each other pretending to be friends

It is no longer a place to learn

Instead it’s all about




And who you surround yourself with

College  is hell

A girl cries

People laugh

She thought she could trust him

Now the whole school has seen her naked

A guy lets a girl know how beautiful she is to him




All social media 

100 Favorites and likes 

All because he sounded “Thirsty”

People aren’t even dating anymore

You only find “Things” “Hook ups” and “Friends with benefits”

We meet on social media,Twitter, Instagram, Facebook  by “Sliding into dm’s”

Which leads to talking

Catching feelings

Sleeping together

And ending as strangers

This generation has lost the meaning of romance

We toss around “‘I love you’s” like they’re “‘Hello’s”

We give our bodies to people who don’t care

And we are judged by the amount of people we have let in

Our generation relies on alcohol, drugs, and parties

We drink to get drunk

Drunk texts

Drunk hook ups

Drunk driving

Drunk decisions

Drugs are easy to find

When stressed

When happy

When lonely

When bored

Parties are no longer about celebrations

It’s for

Beer pong




Our generation tried to grow up too fast

People of this generation do not talk

Only exchange links

We are masked by computer and phone screens

Confrontation has turned into

140 characters



And if we are lucky, a phone call

Doorbells are not rung

Instead a “Here” text is sent

Rather than being ignored physically

It is now just a “Read” text

Yet, it still hurts just the same

Because getting no message is also a message

Technology has ruined adventuring

We do not go out in the rain because our iPhones will be ruined

We do not camp because service is unavailable

We do not venture beyond places without outlets

Too many adolescents have addictions to superficial things

iPads, iPhones, tablets have substituted outdoor activities for Apps you can download freely

Parents complain all the time about this messed up generation

About how we are the wasted youth

But let’s not let them forget

They raised us

Times have changed

Parents have no idea what it’s like to be a teenager in this generation

We are constantly compared

Surrounded by peer pressure

And mislead by people who we thought cared

And even through all the bad, our generation still has hope”

Our Generation-

Zoe Tempesta and Lorna Stephenson


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