​They went on a movie date and then he drove them back to her apartment. He walked her to the door and geve her a gentle kiss goodnight.

With no words spoken, they both somehow knew what would happen next. She unlocked the door and took his hand, leading him inside. He kicked the door shut behind him and they sat down on the couch.

They simultaneously rushed to embrace each other and they began to kiss. She ran all of her fingers through his hair just the way she knew he loved.

He knew just how to make her horny. While they kissed, he placed one hand on her hip, slowly stroking up and down her side, just barely allowing his thumb to graze the side of her breast each time. He put his other hand on the back of her neck and gently massaged the small indentations behind her earlobes.

This made her start to breathe heavier and moan a little. He noticed this and started to feel her up just a tiny bit faster.

“Oh,” she thought, “Oh, he is soooo goooood at this.” She felt her cunt begin to moisten and continued to kiss him. He let his tounge explore every inch of her mouth, using an amazing rhythm.

She couln’t contain her feelings any longer. She stopped kissing his lips and leaned her head back. She put her hands on his shoulders.

He didn’t break his rhythm and started to kiss her neck. He let both of his hands run up and down her sides as he started to suck on her neck. They knew it would leave a hicky but neither one of them cared.

He took her face in his hands and started kissing her on the lips again. He let one hand touch her cheek and placed the other on her knee. He slowly ran his hand up her thigh until he finally felt himself lifting up her skirt.

She wished he would just rip off his pants and fuck her right there, but he went slow just to torture her. He slowly pushed her so she was on her back on the couch and he got on top of her and continued to kiss her.

Then he changed the pace and started kissing her really slowly. He wanted to hear her moan in desire for him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he let one of his hands run up under her shirt, slowly and softly touching her wonderful skin.

She finally decided to move it along because she was getting extremely horny, so she reached down and pulled off his shirt. She ran her hands up and down his smooth, muscular chest and abs, turning him on a lot. He kept kissing slowly though, knowing that she would soon be begging him for more.

He continued to kiss her, and he lifted off her blouse and tossed it to the side. He stadled her and used both hands to massage her breasts in tune with the timing of his kisses.

He did this for a while, enjoying listening to her moan with desire and pleasure. Then he started to kiss her neck, and then slowly mived down to her chest. He stopped to take off her bra, then he gently kissed the very tip of each nipple as she gasped for air. He kissed her stomach lightly as he pulled off her skirt and panties. He undid his jeans and kicked them off.

At this point she was so horny she thought she would burst with anticipation. Everything he did to her was so slow, but so perfect. She was soaking wet, and she could see that he had an erection through his boxers. She wanted to tell him to go faster, but just at that moment he started to lick her clit right on the top of it.

She threw her head back and moaned with joy. He knew exactly what to do to make her consumed by pleasure. He let his tounge devour her clit and she burst into orgasm and started to writhe underneath him. He moved up and started to make out with her again; he didn’t want her to catch her breath.

While she was still recovering from her first orgasm, he took off his boxers and she saw his 10-inch-long, rock-hard, super-thick cock. She got the idea to give him a blowjob to return the favor of his oral sex, but before she could even move he had penetrated her vagina.

He didn’t even think about wanting a bj, he just wanted to pleasure her. He knew that if he could give her another orgasm, she’d pleasure him all he wanted later.

He started to move in and out, back and forth, but very slowly all the while. He was so big, she couldn’t even think straight. He picked up one of her legs and put it over his shoulder, as he stood next to the couch and penetrated her.

His huge cock went really deep into her pussy, and it felt amazing. She finally was unable to take how slow he was going, and she begged him for more.

“Oh, baby. Oooohhh, go faster! Aaaahhh! Oh, yes! Aaawww right there, baby, OOOHHH!” she yelled as he picked up the speed. “Ooohhhh! Harder! Aaaahhh! Yes, yes, yes! Oooohhhh! Oh baby fuck me more! OOOHH! AAAHHHH! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! AAAAHHH!” she continued to scream as he complied with her demands and she felt pleasure build inside her.

He was going faster and harder and deeper than he’d ever thought possible, and she was loving every second of it. She let out a loud, high pitched scream as she hit her second orgasm. Her vagina pulsed around his huge cock but he pulled out so he wouldn’t come just yet. He wanted to stay hard so he could pound her some more.

He put her leg down and got on top of her again. He re-entered her and started to move very slow. He went in and out so gently and slowly, she wanted to scream for more, but she held back. She started to learn to appreciate each and every penetration, tensing up with pleasure each time he slowly pushed all the way in.

He smiled to himself as he watched her light up with pleasure each time he gently penetrated.

His slow movements found her g-spot. He let his dick gently touch it with each entrance into her. He used his thumb and gently rubbed around her clit once during each soft penetration. He started to suck on her nipple in rhythm with all of his other movements.

She thought she was going to explode with pleasure at any second. At that moment he simultaneously hit her g-spot and her clit with his dick and his thumb and she boomed into her third orgasm with the most force yet.

She writhed underneath him during her 2-minute orgasm, and her pussy pulsed around his monster cock until his pleasure burst and he came into her.

He exited her, and kissed her once on the lips. They fell asleep on that couch and stayed there until morning.

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