Month: August 2016


Of all the emotions a person can feel,
Love is scariest and hardest to heal,
Excitement and mystery impossible to resist,
Promises of magic perpetually persist.
We long for a connection that is as strong as it is true,
But love always does as love wants to do,
So to the emotion of love, she just want to say,
She’s much better off with out you, She’s glad you went away,
‘Cause she’d much rather live with a heart that can sing,
A smile that struggles to be more than a grin.
She might not be happy, but at least she is not sad
Holding onto happiness that she never had,
Love’s an imposter, a thief in the night,
Reduces flames to embers that no longer burn bright
Love captains your emotions and steers your fate,
Love is the only emotion that she truly hate.