Month: February 2016

Is this L0ve………??

Let’s nickname her “Princess “. She is beautiful (though beautiful sounds like a understatement). Ok pretty, gorgeous, fabulous..all those are her’s. You love her. Really love her indeed. The kinda of love that they say it can’t be explained nor imagined (seriously how does this happen ). She means everything to you. The only special lady in your life (mum and sisters kept aside). You do everything possible to make her happy. Her smile….ooh lord…that pretty face with those sexie eyes..(they say beauty lies on the eyes of the……..?)
Ok, both of you are schooling. You ain’t working but a week can’t pass without seeing your Princess. You sacrifice the 50bob lunch for five days just to save fare enough to go see your Princess who fate kept her on the other side of the town. Mostly likely Rongai, Juja, Kinoo or even deep in Kiambu(i hear tarmac roads hazijafika). Far as it is, you still have to go. Now this looks like love. Or is this love.
“Princess Princess” princess” that the only thing that keeps running in your mind. Your Instagram account   its just her pics( a random person can’t tell whether the account is yours or Princess ) your whatsapp profile picture always her. Facebook, Twitter, kik, Google, Gmail, snapchat, wallpapers…name them, its just Princess. (ako kila mahali…you even think of putting her photo in your national ID. Ooh lord?!! )
All this because of love. LOVE. A four lettered word but complicated and hard to explain.
In your world of romance you end up forgetting to ask her if she loves you back. You end up doing a stupid mistake of filling the gap with a YES. (poor soul). What if she doesn’t? What if she feels nothing about you? What if you don’t exist? What if……….? (is this what they refer as love been blind? ) or what is this??

Let’s say you wake up one day and she says its over. Let’s say she………
Wait first, is this what they refer as love or my mind is just clouded with this fantastic tales.
Before i continue someone please explain to me what love means. Either in Kiswahil, English, French, Kikuyu, Maasai or Kikamba.. I’ll try to digest
Is this Love..??


Life is easy and sweet when you’re up on the mountain. You’re on top of things. Merry making is the order of each day and party mood is always in the air. You’ve got good health and peace of mind. Life is generally at its best. God is forgotten. He is pushed to spectate from backbench terraces.
Wait til you’re down in the valley when everything seems to be tumbling down on you. Your fellow party animals are nowhere within range. Your health is taking you down so fast. Life is generally heading south. Or so it seems. Thats when you remember God.

VERDICT: The message we’re sending to God is that You ought to perpetually keep us in the valley for You to make sense to us always.

PRESCRIPTION: Pause your party midway and say thanks to God. He is God up in the mountain and also God down in the valley. He is God during bad times and God during good times. He remains God during the day and at night. The God during your new low is the same God when life is at its zenith.