Do you know the background of Kenyatta
University grammar goof (misspelling the word
‘privilege’ on a giant billboard along Thika
Highway) during POTUS visit?
Here we go…
Let’s wind back the hands of time to that
moment you’ve just completed KCSE Eng P 3.
You fool yourself ati “ii ngoso ya ujinga imedy, fuck high school

Yeah you heard
me right. Some stoop so low beyond their level
to speak in vernacular. Trust me this not one of
those FM schools dotted all over the country.
This is a student from a prestigious leading
learning facility. The author of that KU grammar
misdemeanour is a product of such. They make
awfully skewed conclusions that we teach
English exclusively for examination purposes.
That, as long as you’ve garnered that A grade in
English you’ve got every right and reason to
sodomise the Queen’s royal language whenever
wherever you want. That, as long as it has
bridged you to pursue that career in medicine
then it’s over. Some have transcripts reading
straight As in English yet they’re short of using
non verbal cues to communicate. How that
miracle happened is a subject of another forum.
Get it from me for free today. Whoever decided
that communication skills is a common unit in
campus wasn’t a retard neither was (s)he under
the influence of some rare plant species. As a
scholar(graduate) there’s that minimum
threshold of English you ought to grasp
irrespective of what course you’re pursuing>>>
Equity bank is pronounced as /ekwiti/ /benk/
Don’t misspell common words like possess,
privilege, professor, roommate, pronunciation etc.
Introduce yourself as “My name is Paul Brown ”
for instance.

Guys tuache aibu ndogo ndogo.

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